We are aware of the importance of a healthy and balanced diet and we believe in the simplicity and tastiness of the ancient ingredients of the Mediterranean diet (an Intangible Heritage of Humanity).


from seed ... to table

Our story begins in the Apulian countryside where two ambitious and brave brothers, decide to start a new entrepreneurial adventure: join professional skills to create a company that would put on the people’s tables the best ingredients of our territory.

Many years of food farming tradition together with the passion for the rural world helped us found VIVATERRA, a farming company 100% Made in Italy, that exports organic grains and pulses from the wonderful land of Puglia in the whole world.

Tradition and innovation, history and progress, past and future merge together to rediscover and spread the Mediterranean food culture while respecting the environment and guaranteeing real consumer protection... from seed to table..

Italian organic pulses

We have decided to use only 100% Italian organic raw materials and sustainable farming techniques so that our products follow the highest quality standards. We monitor with great care every single step of the supply chain, from the production process to distribution, in order to ensure the traceability of all the processes and to put on your tables a select, safe, healthy and genuine product.




Why are the organic legumes
healthy ?

The ancient flavor of legumes is savored since the days of the Egyptians to reach the present day. Their is a millenary history that originated in the East and spreads, with different culinary traditions, all over the world. Legumes are an excellent source of nutrients and play a pivotal role in the Mediterranean diet thanks to their variety and high protein content with good biological value. Their important nutritional value makes the legumes the excellent to bring to the table.


Pulses and grains are one of the main sources of proteins essential for your body.


Pulses and grains have a high nutritional value and help you stay fit.


We use only sustainable farming methods that reduce water consumption, favour biodiversity and improve the health and fertility of the soil.


Dried pulses and grains are easy to stock, they produce a small amount of waste and are healthier than other foods from a dietary point of view.

Our Recipes

What should you have for lunch today? LEGUMES! A balanced meal, rich in carbohydrates and high in proteins!